Auction to be held

Notice of Foreclosure of Lien and Sale of Personal Property at Auction

Notice of Foreclosure of Lien and  Sale of Personal Property at Auction

Date Mailed:________________by First Class Mail    
RE: Storage Unit No.______ 
Nomar Self Storage
2505 N Market
Wichita, KS 67219 
Telephone: 316-260-7011 or 316-409-5659

Address Service Requested
Customer Name:____________________________
Customer Address:__________________________
Amount Due: $_____   

Notice is hereby given that Nomar Self Storage, located at 2505 N Market, Wichita,KS 67204 has a possessory lien on the articles of personal property, whether or not owned by the occupant, located in______________ rented by _______________("occupant") at the facility. 

Late Fee Invoiced: $10
Late Fee for unit:______ Due On ___________ 

Rent Invoiced  
(UNIT #) rent for 1 month period starting 1ST OF THE EVERY MONTH. Amount due upon receipt is $__________ Due date is 1ST OF THE EVERY MONTH.
This lien is to secure payment for rent, reasonable or agreed charges for labor, materials or other services provided by the owner at the request of the occupant, expenses necessarily incurred in preserving the personal property and expenses reasonably incurred in the sale or other disposition of the personal property.    the operator's lien on all stored personal property for rent, labor, or other charges, and for expenses reasonably incurred in the sale of such personal property; (b) that the property stored in the lease space maybe sold to satisfy such lien if the occupant is in default; and (c) that any proceeds from the sale of the property which remain after the satisfaction of the lien will be paid to the State Treasurer if unclaimed by the occupant within one (1) year after the sale of the property. KSA 58-816.  A $10 late fee is charged on the ninth day after due date of agreement. 

Notwithstanding any other provision of the contract, the exclusive care, custody and control of all personal Property stored in the leased self-service storage space remains vested in the occupant at all times until a sale occurs, even if the occupant is denied access to the space. KSA 58-818.

Pursuant to the occupant's lease agreement and State Law, the owner shall retain the personal property in the Space until the rent and other charges and expenses are paid. Until payment is received access to the occupant's personal property stored in the unit at the self-service storage facility is denied pursuant to the terms of the lease agreement. The sum due to the owner on the date of this notice is $_____________. An itemized statement of the charges is included with this letter. Occupant is in default under the terms of the lease agreement and Owner demands payment of this amount, and any additional charges, which accrue, on or before the action date, that date is not earlier than 30 days after default. 

Unless the claim is paid within the time stated in this notice, the personal property located in the above listed Space will be advertised for sale and will be sold at 2505 N Market, Wichita,KS 67204 (Nomar Self Storage) on or after __________. If the personal property located in the unit has a fair market value of $100 or less the owner may dispose of the property without a sale in the sole discretion of the owner. Otherwise an auction will be held to sell the property. The name, street address and telephone number of the owner or the owner's designated agent whom the occupant may contact to respond to the notice is as follows:    

Name of contact person: 
Dan Heflin, MANAGER
Or Rodolfo (Rudy) Garcia 
2505 N Market 
Wichita, KS 67204
(316) 206-7011 or (316)409-5659 
Rudy: 316-393-6316

By:Dan Heflin                                                                  Date:

Auction to be held

Nomar Self Storage is having an Auction and Yard Sale on ________________

. We will be auctioning off several storage units. Many miscellaneous items available, including clothing of all sizes, household items and furnishing, tools etc. Registration begins at 2 pm with Auction starting at 3 pm. The yard sale will be at 10 am - 2 pm then resume again after the Auction. At least 5 Units up for Auction.

 Please contact Nomar Self Storage for information.  316 260 7011


Nomar Self Storage tendrá una subasta y venta de garaje el sábado 18 de novembre. Vamos a subastar varias unidades de almacenamiento junto con una venta de garaje comunitaria. Muchos artículos diversos disponibles, incluyendo ropa de todos los tamaños, Artículos para el hogar y mobiliario, herramientas, etc. El registro comienza a las 2 pm. Con la subasta a partir de las 3 pm. La venta de garaje será de 10 a.m. a 2 p.m., luego se reanudará después de la subasta. Al menos 5 unidades en subasta.  Comuníquese con Nomar Self Storage para obtener más información. 316 260 7011



2505 N Market st

Wichita, KS 67204



Sorry, we have no available units. Try checking back later.