Storage Tips When it comes to Moving - September 2013 Article

Published on 9/1/2017

It's generally agreed that all of us at some point in time will move, Many of us will move multiple times. It can be a stressful time especially getting everything packed up correctly so that things will still look the same the next time you unpack it all. Some of these tips you probably have already heard of, but some of them i'm sure can help you ease the stress and headaches of packing and moving.

  1. First things first, you're going to need some boxes. You may have to scrounge up whatever boxes you can find, but if you have a choice try to pick boxes that are essentially the same size so it's easier to stacking them. This will help save much needed space in your storage unit.
  2. Now you have your determine which items need a box and which ones don't. Also pay attention to your fragile and valuable items. When packing these items try to use bubble wrap or some sort of insulation to protect them, newspaper also works well.
  3. Next, make sure to label your boxes so it is easy to see what is what if you ever need to get to them quickly.
  4. Never store hazardous material such as flammable items or combustible.
  5. When storing your boxes you may be trying to do it as fast as you can to get done faster. It would benefit you greatly to plan ahead and set time aside so you can effectively put the heavier boxes on the bottom and the lighter boxes stacked on top. If there are boxes that are half full put those on the very top or fill them up more so they do not break into themselves when stacking.
  6. Try to leave some isles and walk ways to make it easier. When storing appliances make sure cords and hoses are put away or taped to the item.
  7. Organizing your self storage facility can be smart to do as well, we have already mentioned a few ways to store items, here are a few more. When available insert pallets or boards under the items. This will help keep them off the floor in case of condensation or water which could damage items. This will also help a with ventilation.
  8. Another good idea is to store items that your sure you wont need for a while towards the back of the storage unit. Items that you may need more available to you be sure to store closer to the front of the unit. It also may be smart to cover your items with large plastic or a tarp to help protections from dust. Store your items as tight as you can so maximize spacial area.
  9. Finally, find a safe and secure lock to lockup your items.
  10. Follow these tips to decrease your stress and increase your peace of mind!