Using the Internet to Find a Storage Unit - September 2014 Article

Published on 9/1/2017

Let's face it, Phonebooks have become secondary to the Internet when searching for information and businesses. Why should it be any different when finding a storage facility. This article will explain some tips and tricks and things to look for when searching for a worthy storage facility to store your belongings in.

The two most important factors when looking to store your items in a storage unit are usually location and price.
  1. Locations: Use a search engine like Google and click on the Maps tab. This will help a lot now that google has a category searching features to locate businesses. Now all you will need to do is search, "self storage" and type in the area your looking for storage units. Immediately you have a map that pin points all the different storage facility options in your area. This is nice because you have a birds I view of storage units near you or near highways and roads that you might often travel on. This tool helps dramatically with the Location aspect of finding a storage unit.
  2. Cost: Now that you have narrowed down which storage facilities you might be interested in by the areal view of maps. Check to see if those facilities have a website! Websites are very informative and you can gather a lot of information about the storage units, prices, security, features etc.
  3. Reviews: don't forget to look for online reviews. This can be a great tool to help you make your decision. Find real life examples of people like you that have rented a storage unit from the business you are considering. Check Facebook, Google, and other aggregator sites to find reviews.
Also a few other things to look for when renting a storage facility might be things like.
Security - fences, lighting, neighborhoods etc.
Online features - customer login, automatic email/text invoices, or receipts. Maybe recurring billing or online payments.

These simple features can make your experience much more pleasing when renting a storage unit.